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Public version of the PrestoPrime Final Report for the FP7-ICT-231161 PrestoPrime project

Author : PrestoPRIME
: 15/11/2013 (v1.10p)

Deliverable v1.10p, PU, 15/11/2013
PP_WP4_D4.0.6_Proof Of Concept Rights Management System

The design and implementation of a system for handling the rights information on audiovisual assets from creation/acquisition/purchase time to all the changes due to new contracts, trades, and to other rights-related events, within their entire life cycle.

Author : Laurent Boch, Annarita Di Carlo (RAI)
: 15/11/2013 (v1.11)

Deliverable PP_WP4_D4.0.6_ProofOfConceptRightsManagementSystem_v1.11

Description of a novel approach to the classification of rights, including an extensive glossary of rights and relative ontology.

Author : A. Di Carlo (Rai)
: 15/11/2013 (v1.11)

Deliverable PP_WP4_ID4.0.5b_RightsOntology_R0_v1.11

Deliverable PP_WP4_ID4.0.5b_RightsOntology_R0_v1.11
(without main annexes)

PP_WP2_D2.1.4_Tools for quantitative comparison of preservation strategies

Describes the tools developed by IT Innovation for quantitative comparison of preservation strategies. The tools have been open sourced and are publicly available on a website which includes documentation and features for bug reporting and new functionality requests.

Author : Matthew Addis, Mariusz Jacyno, Martin Hall-May, Stephen Phillips
(IT Innovation Centre)
: 26/10/2012 (v1.00).

Deliverable PP_WP2_D2.1.4_PreservationStrategyTools_R1_v1.00
PP_WP4_ID4.0.2e_Annex_A_v1.01.Annex A : Non-blocking service calls

This document defines a mechanism for asynchronous calls to be used in the services described in D4.0.2.

Author : W. Bailer (JRS)
: 09/12/2011 (v1.01)

Deliverable PP_WP4_ID4.0.2e_Annex_A_v1.01
PP_WP4_ID4.0.2c_Interface specification of vocabulary alignment and annotation services

We describe the methods that are explored to improve the quality of the user-generated metadata in preparation of the second pilot of the Waisda? tagging game. The tools are made available within the YAZ (Your Annotation Zone) toolkit. We describe how the data is modelled, including a way to capture the provenance information, and describe the web service to export an RDF graph.

Author : Michiel Hildebrand (VUA)
: 21/2/2011 (v1.01)

Deliverable PP_WP4_ID4.0.2c_InterfaceSpec_AlignmentAnnotation_v1.01
PP_WP4_ID4.0.2b_ Interface specification of metadata conversion and deployment services

This deliverable defines RESTful web service interfaces for the mapping and validating of metadata documents.

Author : W. Bailer (JRS)
: 09/12/2011 (v1.02)

Deliverable PP_WP4_ID4.0.2b_MetadataServicesIF_v1.02
PP_WP4_ ID4.0.2a Rights Metadata APIs

Description: This deliverable provides the definitions of interfaces for a set of tools and services working with information on exploitation Rights of audiovisual assets, as resulting from the definition of the Common Rights Ontology. First prototype versions of the tools are also part of the deliverable. The tools and services are grouped within two sets one of which has to be deployed within the archive services of the PrestoPRIME Preservation Platform while the other one, named RightsDraw, is conceived for being deployed externally, offering functionalities to Producers and Consumers.

Author : Laurent Boch (RAI)
: 04/01/2012 (v1.04)

Deliverable PP_WP4_ID4.0.2a_MetaRightsAPIs_R0_v1.04
D7.1.5 Audiovisual Digital Preservation Status Report 3

Description :The current status of audiovisual preservation as of December 2011 is described. This 2011 report continues the series of technological ‘brief encounters’, lists European developments in 2011 and has a major section on the significance of the fact that audio and video content is, at heart, a signal – and hence fundamentally different from text and general digital data.

Author : Richard Wright, BBC
Published 26/12/2011 (v1.00)

Deliverable D7.1.5_Annual_AV_Status_R0_v1.00
D5.2.2 First Prototype of Open PrestoPRIME Reference Implementation

Description :The document describes the first integrated prototype of the open PrestoPRIME Preservation Platform (referred to as P4).

Author : Laurent Boch, RAI
Published 23/12/2011 (v1.00)

Deliverable D5.2.2_FirstPrototype_R0_v1.00
D4.0.2 Metadata and Rights APIs and Service Interfaces

Description :This document specifies the rights metadata APIs and the interfaces of the metadata mapping and validation services, user annotation and vocabulary alignment services and content tracking service.

Author : Laurent Boch, RAI
Published 9/12/2011 (v1.51)

Deliverable D4.0.2_MetadataRightsAPI_IF_v1.51
D4.2.1 Vocabulary alignment Methodology

Description :Vocabulary alignment as an interactive and replicable workflow; Research article about interactive alignment methodology for SKOS vocabularies.

Author : M. Hildebrand, VUA - J. van Ossenbruggen, VUA - V. de Boer ,VUA
Published 18/2/2011 (v1.0)

Deliverable D4.2.1_Vocabulary alignment Methodology
D7.1.4 Audiovisual Digital Preservation Status Report 2

Description :The current status of audiovisual preservation as of January 2011 is described. The 2009 report introduced the new problem of digital preservation and summarised the access issues for file-based audiovisual content and contributions of PrestoPRIME. This 2010 report concentrates on practicalities of audiovisual digital preservation: century costs, a digital preservation primer, and a summary of PrestoPRIME technology.

Author : Richard Wright, BBC
Published 15/2/2011 (v1.00)

Deliverable D7.1.4_Annual_AV_Status_2
D2.1.3 AV Data Model : Final Specification

Description :The PrestoPRIME Audio Visual Data Model provides a specification of the PREMIS-based digital preservation approach implemented by PrestoPRIME, including support for the special digital preservation requirements of audiovisual content. The main objective of the document is to describe the key information package of the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) digital preservation standard: the AIP (Archival Information Package) and its constituent pieces, including illustrative examples to assist audiovisual preservation systems implementers.

Author : Nir Kashi & Nir Sherwinter (Ex Libris)
Published 7/2/2011 (v1.00)

Deliverable D2.1.3_AV_Data_Model
D6.3.1 Financial Models and Calculation Mechanisms

Description :this Deliverable describes and analyses cost models and reported data for digitisation and preservation. It provides a market analysis for use by archives and by vendors, and suggests what further research is needed to better understand the economics of digitisation, preservation, and archives.

Author : Marius Snyders, Hans Westerhof, Jeff Ubois (B&G)
Published 31/1/2011 (v1.01)

Deliverable D6.3.1_FM_calculation
D2.2.3 Strategy for Use of Preservation Metadata for within a Digital Library with examples of use in audiovisual preservation

Description : A description of how to actually use preservation metadata to maintain quality of audiovisual content in a trusted digital repository context, across basic preservation processes (multivalent, emulation, migration).

Author : Nir Sherwinter (Ex Libris), Richard Wright (BBC)
Published 20/01/2011 (v1.00)

D2.1.2 Tools for modelling and simulating migration-based preservation

Description :These tools aim at modelling and simulating the costs and risks of using IT storage systems for the long-term archiving of file-based AV assets. The tools include a model of storage costs, the ingest and access of files, the possibility of data corruption and loss from a range of mechanisms, and the impact of having limited resources with which to fulfil access requests and preservation actions.

Author : Matthew Addis, Mariusz Jacyno (IT Innovation Centre)
Published 22/12/2010

D2.2.2 Metadata Models, Interoperability Gaps, and Extensions to Preservation Metadata Standards

Description : This is a report on metadata models, their shortcomings and a proposal for integrating them.

Author : Guus Schreiber (VUA) -
Published 8/7/2010 (v1.50)

Deliverable D2.2.2_Preservation Metadata Standards
D5.2.1 Definition and Design of a PrestoPRIME Reference Architecture for the Integration Framework

Description : This document provides the technical analysis design of the software framework of PrestoPRIME Preservation Platform, for preserving digital contents of archives and libraries.

Author : W. Allasia (EURIX) -
Published 12/7/2010 (v1.02)

Deliverable D5.2.1_Ref. architecture for integration framework
ID3.4.1 Service Level Agreements for Audiovisual Preservation Services

Description : This document outlines a framework for monitoring and managing services with a service level agreements (SLA) and proposes a complete list of terms suitable for inclusion in the SLA for a preservation service provider. Modelling techniques for service capacity management are discussed and the results of a survey investigating trust issues is presented. Standards and reference models for computer readable SLAs such as WSAgreement are compared and the real world experience of managing the relationship between a preservation service provider and their client is documented.

Author : Stephen C PhillipsStephen C Phillips (University of Southampton IT Innovation Centre)
Published 10/05/2010 (v1.00)

Deliverable ID3.4.1_ServiceLevelAgreements
ID3.3.1 Media formats, identification methods and implementations for multivalent preservation

Description : The objective of this report is to provide guidance on the range and nature of problems in audiovisual digital preservation, and the potential for Multivalent and iRODS technologies to address them. We illustrate how this is the most reliable method, when compared with other alternatives such as file conversions and creating wrappers/bindings to native libraries.

Author : Ann Gledson (UoL), Paul Watry (UoL)
Published 27/5/2010 (v1.02)

DeliverableID3.3.1_multivalent preservation
ID3.2.1 : Threats to data integrity from use of large-scale data management environments

Description : Maintaining data integrity when using IT infrastructure for the long-term storage of audiovisual files is a major challenge. This report investigates the threats to files from the use of mass storage technologies (e.g. hard drives in servers and data tapes in robots); how can file corruption can be identified; and how the risk of loss be can assessed.

Author : Matthew Addis (T Innovation Centre)
Published 22/02/2010 (v1.00)

Deliverable ID3.2.1_ThreatsMassStorage
ID3.1.1 Specification and Design of a Preservation Environment for Audiovisual Content

Description : This report presents the specifications and designs for a framework for a long term preservation system for audiovisual content using migration, based on the OAIS reference model, taking into account the research done for audiovisual needs and also ExLibris’ experience in this area. Highlights of the research include well known standards such as OAIS, PREMIS, & METS as well as a review of tools for metadata extraction and file identification. A major emphasis was placed on designing the system with the ability to integrate the tools that will be developed within the scope of the PrestoPrime project.

Author : Nir Kashi (ExLibris)
Published 18/5/2010 (v2.01)

Deliverable ID3.1.1_preservationSpecification
D3.1 : Design and Specification of the Audiovisual Preservation Toolkit

Description : D3.1 is released as a cover deliverable for 4 different reports. It contains a review of current digital preservation support for AV files; a survey of File-Corruption Detection methods and technologies, a review of threats to data integrity from use of large-scale data management environments; the design of a system for preservation using both migration and multivalent methods; SLA schemas and QoS parameters for using online storage services in audiovisual preservation.

Author : Stephen C Phillips (University of Southampton, IT Innovation Centre)
Published 27/5/2010 (v1.01)

Deliverable D3.1_AVToolkitSpec
D6.2.2 European Digital Library implementation guidelines for audiovisual archives

Description : This report is addressed to audiovisual content holders and describes the conditions and the process for making available audiovisual content to Europeana (

Author : Georgia Angelaki (Europeana Foundation)
Published 10/05/2010 (v1.00)

Deliverable D6.2.2_EuropeanaAVProvGuidelines
D2.3.1 Service-Oriented Models for Audiovisual Content Storage

Description : This report takes a look at how content is created and moves into and out of storage; the storage service value networks and architectures found now and expected in the future; what sort of data transfer is expected to and from an audiovisual archive; what transfer protocols to use; and a summary of security and interface issues.

Author : Stephen C Phillips (IT Innovation Centre)
Published 14/04/2010

Deliverable D2.3.1 SOAforAVstorage
D2.2.1 : Preservation Process Modelling (Including a Review of Semantic Process Modelling and Workflow Languages)

Description : This report describes in a formalised way a comprehensive set of processes for digital preservation. These processes are drawn from a series of relevant projects and standards from the preservation community, including OAIS, TRAC, PLANETS and others. The result is intended to be used as a generic baseline that those interested in audiovisual preservation can refer to, extract and customise processes in order to fit with their specific AV preservation needs.

Author : Nena Schädler (IT Innovation Centre)
Published 20/4/2010 (v1.01)

Deliverable D2.2.1_preservationprocess
D2.1.1 Audiovisual preservation strategies, data models and value-chains

Description : This is a report on preservation strategies, models and value-chains for digital file-based audiovisual content. The report includes: (a) current and emerging value-chains and business-models for audiovisual preservation; (b) a comparison of preservation strategies for audiovisual content including their strengths and weaknesses, and (c) a review of current preservation metadata models, and requirements for extension to support audiovisual files.

Authors : Matthew Addis (IT Innovation Centre) and Richard Wright (BBC)
Published 11/02/2010

Deliverable D2.1.1_preservationstrategies
D7.1.3 Audiovisual Digital Preservation Status Report
Description : The current status of audiovisual preservation as of January 2010 is described. The previous reports concentrated on digitisation, which remains a significant issue. This report will introduce the new problem of digital preservation (arising from the results of digitisation), summarise the access issues for file-based audiovisual content, and
summarise the contributions of PrestoPRIME.

Author : Richard Wright (BBC)
Published 25/01/2010

Deliverable D7.1.3 Annual AV Status
D5.1.1 Definition of Scenarios
Description : This document provides the description of contexts and cases, to be used as the base reference in the subsequent stages of integration and evaluation of the project’s outcomes. Preservation for broadcast archives, rights clearance, the perspectives of higher education institutions and of small & medium AV archives, adding AV content to Europeana, information enrichment by users, and the perspective of the
service providers are the main topics of this set of scenarios.

Author : Laurent Boch (Rai)
Published 25/01/2010

Deliverable D5.1.1 Scenarios
PrestoPrime Glossary of Rights
Description : This document was created by RAI-Radiotelevione Italiana, withinPrestoPRIME project and is published under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

Contact :a.di
Published 08/05/2011

The intent of this glossary is to provide a broad list of terms, which are commonly used, especially in Europe, in negotiations of rights on audiovisual contents.

the PrestoPrime Glossary of Rights page


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