PrestoCentre Professional Development Training Series Long-term Audiovisual Digital Preservation Strategy, Planning and Tools

From September 13 to September 17 took place in Bry-sur-Marne within the Ina premises, 8km East of Paris, the first PrestoCentre training course. During 5 days, 27 participants from 8 countries participated to the training course where the main subject was Long-term Audiovisual Preservation. The objective of the course was to initiate archive managers and practitioners to the strategic approach of long-term preservation: how to organise it, how to plan and evaluate its incidence and risks, and which are the existing tools.

The course was organised in different teaching modules:

  • Presentation of tools and models
  • Case studies
  • Industrial solutions
  • Assessment discussions with participants
  • Institutional visits

Day 1 was dedicated to Preservation Planning and Management, this session permitted to get an overview of Digital Preservation and of the PrestoPRIME technology. Essential aspects of Preservation planning were equally presented, mainly on the mapping and prioritisation of collections.

Day 2 was dedicated to Metadata, metadata tools and technology Integration. During this day the Content Tracking technology, the multivalent long-term management approach, MPEG issues for digital preservation and the right management tools were presented. Two major achievements of the PrestoPRIME project were presented: P4, the PrestoPRIME Preservation Platform, an open source integration platform, and the industrial solution Rosetta, developed by Ex-Libris, which integrates many of the results of the project.

Day 3 concentrated on Predicting and Planning the Future. This essential aspect of Digital Preservation was presented from different approaches: Cost and Risk modelling, Service Management, Video Quality Assessment, Metadata Mapping and Validation and Management of User-Generated Metadata. This tools and methods contribute to the difficult task of decision-making and risk analysis.

Day 4 was the Industrial day; a showroom for audiovisual preservation technology with the presence of an important number of industry providers. A technical showcase was installed in the Ina premises, where industrials installed their different solutions and made demos as well as answered questions about technology and its evolution.

The participants:

Day 5 was dedicated to the future, getting into interesting topics like the situation of audiovisual research in Europe, the Europeana and Digibic projects, the development of digital humanities within archival studies, the future of 3D and its incidence in archiving. A very interesting presentation about use and reuse by educators and the public of archival material closed the week.

Different case-studies of advanced preservation and access projects were presented from Ina, BBC and B&G in the Netherlands. Memnon, from Belgium, presented another interesting case-study, regarding the use of Semantic metadata and Linked metadata. Finally a visit of the Ina premises and the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, permitted participants to view how large institutions deal with the digital world in terms of preservation and access and how Legal Deposit is being organised in France.



New AV Competence Centre was launched during Screening the Future 2011 Conference [14 & 15 March 2011]Amsterdam.

The new AV Competence Centre ― entitled PrestoCentre ― is a membership driven, non-profit organisation that will serve stakeholders in audiovisual digitisation and digital preservation in Europe. It will continue and expand the work of the EU-funded 'Presto' projects and will launch at the Screening the Future Conference in Amsterdam on 14 & 15 March 2011.
The conference will connect small and large archives, service providers, vendors, funders, policymakers and educators developing solutions to the most urgent questions facing audiovisual archiving. AV stakeholders in Europe and beyond are invited to attend the conference and to join the celebration of the launch of PrestoCentre.
PrestoCentre is an initiative of five large national audiovisual and broadcast archives in Europe:
• British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC);
• l'Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (INA);
• Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (Beeld en Geluid);
• Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF);
• Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI).
For more than a decade, these archives have worked together in the EU-funded 'Presto' projects to bring together expertise and experience in AV digitisation and preservation in Europe. The goal of PrestoCentre is now to make sure that the knowledge and dedication that was built up in these projects persists and does not 'fade away'.

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PrestoPRIME Digital Preservation Workshop London [26 November 2010]

There is one European project on digital preservation of audiovisual files: PrestoPRIME.  A year has passed since PrestoPRIME presented its work programme; we now have results.
Strategy PrestoPRIME has a strategy for digital preservation. We will present information on costs, benefits, risks, standards – and their gaps – and information to bridge various gaps:
• between digital preservation technology and audiovisual archiving;
• between metadata and processes needed for internet technology and access;
• between the various audiovisual collections: broadcast, museum, archive, research;
• between the needs and desires of individual collections, and the opportunities offered by aggregation – in particular, joining forces with the Europeana portal.

Slides of presentations and demonstrations

Ruth Power :

Digital Preservation Workshop

Public Workshop Programme

First PrestoPRIME dissemination event - Vienna [ 5 & 6 October 2009]

The Dissemination Event will be your first possibility to hear all about the PrestoPRIME programme and its Competence Centre. Come get to know our plans and ideas and share your experiences in beautiful Vienna!

More -  Vienna event final agenda

You're interested but not coming to Vienna, please fill the interest group-registration form.

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PrestoPRIME european launch - Paris [ April 7 - 2009]

European project, PrestoPRIME to be launched on 7 April 2009 in Paris,

Centre d'accueil pour la presse étrangère (CAPE), Grand Palais, Perron Alexandre III, cours la Reine, Paris 8e.

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First PrestoPRIME Seminar - Turin [ March 24 - 2009 ]

The PrestoPRIME project will hold a seminar on 24 March 2009 in Turin, .

Museo della Radio e della Televisione, Centro di Produzione RAI, via G.Verdi, 16 .

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